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Personal Tours

Whether you're planning a trip to Scotland dedicated to Scotch whisky, or hope to enjoy a tour of Speyside during your visit to the UK, why not add a not-to-be-forgotten personal tour with Vic, The Whisky Minister?

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Day Tours

After breakfast at your accomodation we can collect you in our comfortable vehicle and begin the day with a trip into heart of Whisky Country following the trail of the distilleries that Vic knows well, enjoying some of his tales, and then on to your distillery of choice.

With plenty of options for lunch and dinner, and lots of opportunity for questions and discussion, we know that Speyside will stay in your heart forever.


Day Tour with Technical Lectures

Whatever your interest, from barley and the malting process, to the chemistry of distilling, to the magic of maturation, why not add to your trip an indepth talk with industry expert Vic, and take your understanding and appreciation for single malt Scotch whisky to a new level. 


Bespoke Tours

If you have the time let us arrange for you a personalised 3 to 5 day distillery adventure to enjoy the best of Speyside and beyond, visiting distilleries further afield, to enjoy the rich whisky history that makes Scotland so beloved. Contact us to discuss some options for this unforgetable experience.

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