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The Whisky Minister 
Scotch Whisky Experiences and Tours

Scotch Whisky Educator and Ambassador

Vic Cameron

Born and bred in Speyside, Vic began his career in whisky journey in 1991 when he joined Diageo (then United Distillers) working in the laboratory.


This kindled his passion for the process of whisky making, the science and the development, and the long tradition of scotch whisky and its production.

Regarded as one of the leading, most respected voices in the industry, Vic is passionate and proud to promote Scotland’s most famous export, seeking to educate and inspire the uninitiated, and to enrich and enhance the experience of the expert.

Nosing and Tasting
Sensory Experiences

Whisky Nosings and Tastings are perfect for a gathering of friends, for increasing your understanding of different flavours and expressions of Single Malts and blended Scotch whisky when sampled together. From sweet vanilla, apples and pears, and rich dried fruits, to peaty, medicinal and smoky drams, there really is something for everyone.

Perfect for a gathering at home.

Barrel of Fun 
Stories and Banter with some great drams

Our popular 'Barrel of Fun' gatherings take the nosing and tasting experience to a new level as Vic hosts the evening taking you on a journey of wonderful drams and great stories from his years in the industry.

With a truly encyclopedic knowledge

of Scotch whisky, and the

'inside story' of distillery life,

you are sure of an educational and

highly entertaining event. 

Perfect for tour groups, enthusiasts and

club 'outings'

Deeper Still
Technical indepth lectures 

If you consider yourself to be a true

'Whisky Geek' our Deeper Still events are for you. Join Vic for facts, figures, history and science, from barley to bottle.

Deeper Still lets you dive deeper than ever before into Scotland's favourite export,

with whisky's Favourite Expert.

About Vic

Vic’s career progressed through the Malt Distiller management training scheme, taking him through the many and varied areas of production. Beginning as a Production Manager in the distilleries, then to the earlier stages of production in the maltings, and finally to assisting the procurement team in the quality aspects of sourcing of the barley, Vic has over 30 years of experience in all areas of the creation of his country’s favourite export.


Vic’s long experience of the industry, seeing the successes and the disasters, the highs and lows, has given him a wealth of information and anecdotes which promises an accurate, educational and highly entertaining experience.


Unlike so many other ‘experts’ and ‘ambassadors’ in the whisky world Vic has worked in the very heart of the industry, literally from field to bottle. He is uniquely positioned to inform without myth and misconception.


In 2014 Vic took the bold step of leaving Diageo to follow his other passion, pastoring a church, and

The Whisky Minister was born.


Since then, Vic has travelled the world giving whisky production consultancy, and with the Edinburgh Whisky Academy, providing world class whisky education. Closer to home he enjoys giving tutored nosing and tasting sessions, as well as giving talks and presentations covering all areas of production. 



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